Where are we now?

With its roots in broadcast journalism, Tetteroo Media is a company for audiovisual productions and media consulting. TM has a wayward style of film making: striving to combine a high degree of creativity with an authentic approach to all areas – from camera work to interview techniques through to all stages of post production.

Vision and know-how gained through extensive experience in the field gives Tetteroo Media a solid base to work from.

TM produces for diverse audiences: items for Dutch and international current affairs programmes, feature documentaries, profiles for NGOs, ministries and commercial enterprises. TM also has wide experience in Media Consultancy. Our clients include notable public figures.

Emmy Award winner Peter Tetteroo strives to make every production a masterpiece, thus inspiring the team to maximize motivation and professionalism to all aspects of our business at Tetteroo Media.


- Peter Tetteroo − Director & Producer

Peter is an award winning journalist who worked for Dutch broadcaster KRO for twenty years before starting his own company in 2006. He directs television reports and documentaries, as well as presentations for commercial enterprises. In addition he gives media and communication training.

- Miriam Biezeno − Photography

Miriam is our stills photographer and researcher. Photoshop is her ultimate passion when it comes to the job.


Aside from our regular staff we work with some of the best freelance cameramen in the Netherlands:

- Kai Dieho

- Gijs Konings

- Pieter Groeneveld

- Ernst Daniel Nijboer


Here are some of our other projects and friends.

- The movie you don't want to see

- Media Affairs

Media-Affairs provides media training for corporate, televsion and government clients.

- Teun Voeten

Photojournalist & Anthropologist

- Visuals Studio Brazil

Photography © Teun Voeten.